Thermo-Tech Products


Category: Door Components
Subcategory: Transoms/Sidelights
Material: Vinyl, Vinyl

Transom windows are stationary units designed to fit exactly over Thermo-Tech standard size operable and stationary windows.

Category: Doors - Exterior
Subcategory: Patio, Patio-Sliding
Material: Vinyl

Sliding Patio Doors, like our entire window line, are designed for superior performance and energy efficiency.

Category: Windows & Skylights
Subcategory: Awning
Material: Vinyl

Design options are endless... have them stand alone or place them next to each other for a classic look or stack a fixed transom or half-circle for a more contemporary look.

Subcategory: Bay & Bow
Material: Vinyl

Bay Windows come in 30 degrees and 45 degrees. Utilize a variety of combinations with Double Hung, Single Hung or Casement Flanking Units.

Subcategory: Casement
Material: Vinyl

Perfect for any building project in any of our standard sizes or in special order sizes. With multi-point locks you are ensured a tight, energy-efficient seal from top to bottom.

Subcategory: Double Hung
Material: Vinyl

Traditional styling and Thermo-Tech performance in one beautiful window. In our Double Hung Windows you will find standard features that most companies leave out.

Subcategory: Fixed Frame
Material: Vinyl

Fixed casements are used for simple picture windows or for multiple wide casement window units. Direct Set units can be used with Double Hungs or Single Hungs for multiple wide windows or with transoms.

Subcategory: Picture
Material: Vinyl

All of our standard size multiple-wide units can utilize any one of the following types of units: Casements, Double Hungs and Single Hungs.

Subcategory: Circle Top
Material: Vinyl

Round Top specialty shapes allow you to design your home using many standard sizes of decorative shapes including elliptical, quarter rounds, half rounds, extended half rounds and extended elliptical windows.

Subcategory: Single Hung
Material: Vinyl

Vinyl single hungs can be combined side by side to beautifully complement a variety of large window configurations.

Subcategory: Sliding Horizontal
Material: Vinyl

Thermo-Tech's Sliding Window is an exceptional window value combining both performance and price appeal. Sliding windows are available in either 2-lite or 3-lite configurations.

Subcategory: Architectural Shapes
Material: Vinyl

Special Shape Windows can be used for a truly custom look with the ultimate in design features. Choose from trapezoid, triangle, hexagon, pentagon and octagon shapes.